Tom Chiu - Technical Designer/Level Designer / 901.857.6610
Tom Chiu - 3D Action Racer


Description: Speed Kills is a 3d action racing game I developed along with one artist. I solely programmed the entire game on Unity 3 in C# as part of my thesis project. Drive through a post-apocalyptic tropical island. You have set up shop as the only pizza delivery service in town, and the people are hungry.

Key Features:

  • Finite state machine AI
  • Rocket and cleaver weaponry
  • Custom car shaders
  • Quick-time mini-games
  • Mini-map using rotated uv coordinates
  • Dynamic zombie deaths
  • Scoring and objective systems
  • Interpolated camera effects


Tom Chiu - A* on Hex Grid


Description: Written in C#, this demo showcases an agent navigating a network of pathnodes using the A* algorithm. The demo uses the hexagonal Manhattan distance for its heuristics. Grass tiles cost 1 point, forest tiles cost 3 points, and water tiles cost 10 points.

Key Features:

  • A* pathfinding
  • Hexagonal Manhattan distance
  • Hexagonal movement grid
  • Queued target nodes


Tom Chiu - Particle-Based Motion


Description: Written in Lua, the particle-based motion is an extended functionality of the LOVE engine that allows the player to move a particle chain that grows as it eats. Each segment is a particle that is attracted to the previous segment. The player only controls the head, and the rest of the body moves dynamically.

Key Features:

  • Particle attraction force
  • Dynamic particle-chain length
  • Axis-aligned bounding box collision
  • Simulated drag


Tom Chiu - Wheel Menu


Description: The wheel menu is a component I wrote in UnrealScript for the tower-defense game, Spire. The script takes input from either an analog stick or mouse to move a cursor. It samples the direction of the input and smoothly moves the cursor towards that direction. This makes the control of the wheel menu feel fluid and intuitive for both types of input devices.

Key Features:

  • Xbox 360 controller and mouse input
  • Input smoothing curves
  • Sub-menus and side-panel


Tom Chiu - 2.5D Camera System


Description: The 2.5d camera system gives a designer control over camera position, rotation, player lock-on, and interpolation speed based on volumes. Each time the player enters a volume, the system pushes the previous camera configuration onto a stack. This feature enables the designer to place volumes inside one another. When the player leaves a volume, the system simply pops the stack. Special events like a boosted jump may interrupt and take over the camera without causing a problem.

Key Features:

  • Stack-based camera volumes
  • Position, rotation, lock-on, and interpolation options
  • Camera interrupt events
  • Interpolated camera motion


Tom Chiu - Seasons FX


Description: Seasons FX is a demonstration of visual scripting within the UDK editor. The scene cycles through all four seasons of the year, rendering in real-time. I scripted the terrain, grass, leaves, and tree bark shaders using only the material editor and built-in textures. The snow collects faster on depressions and also dynamically displaces the terrain.

Key Features:

  • Displacement ground snow shader
  • Time-based color shader
  • Normal-based mesh snow shader