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Tom Chiu - Nefarious


Tom Chiu - Nefarious Tom Chiu - Nefarious Tom Chiu - Nefarious Tom Chiu - Nefarious
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Overview: Nefarious is a large multiplayer deathmatch level for Unreal Tournament 3 set in a Necris-infested fortress. Built on a cliff, the castle dominates the surrounding islands and overlooks the sea. The machine-infused castle architecture hosts fast and hectic combat within its chambers and corridors. Its water provides both a visual theme and an additional layer of verticality. For the adventurous, a Redeemer awaits at the end of a dangerous causeway.

Design Goals:

  • Promote continuous flow throughout the level
  • Build striking and appealing aesthetics
  • Provide the player with interesting choices

Mission Type: Multiplayer deathmatch

Recommended # of Players: 12 to 18


  • Concept and design
  • Building the blockmesh
  • Gameplay scripting
  • Detailing
  • Lighting & FX

Development Time: 6 weeks (25 hrs/week)





Variation on Lighting: The contrast between the artificial lighting of the interior and the natural lighting of the exterior breaks the level into easily distinguishable themes and helps the player recognize and navigate the playspace.


Creating Player Choices: With more players than weapons, players end up fighting for the weapons closest to their spawns. Spawns are distributed equidistant to the weapons to intensify the decisions after spawning. In addition, popular weapons like the rocket launcher are placed in exposed areas to present the player with an interesting dilemma.


Generator Room Flow: Health vials draw the attention of players and suggest a direction of movement. The vial placement here leads the player with sight-lines to jump pads on either side and improves the overall flow of this area.


Lowering the Learning Curve: This area of the level serves as the central hub to many adjacent rooms. Since players tend to use this area as a reference point, the symmetry of the space simplifies the asymmetrical layout of the level.


Redeemer on the Causeway: The player can rocket jump or impact hammer jump out of the castle onto this causeway. For risking his life, he is rewarded with the all-powerful Redeemer.


Reinforcing the Atmosphere: The openness of the castle exposes the player to natural scenery like the image above and makes the space feel larger and more alive.


Exterior Silhouette: The rising and falling silhouette of the fortress accentuates the barbaric feel of the architecture and produces a more impressive skyline.


Twist in the Water: Water comes into play as a gameplay factor in this level. Since water slows down the player and limits the player's movement, he generally avoids falling into the water. However, the kegs of health and the generous amount of health vials tempt players to jump in and also add an additional layer of verticality to the level.


Sample Gameplay