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Tom Chiu - Expendable Tom Chiu - Expendable Tom Chiu - Expendable Tom Chiu - Expendable
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Overview: Expendable is a single-player level for Gears of War designed to imitate the gameplay of survival games. This design strays away from the usual flow and progression of Gears of War. It focuses rather on scrapping for ammo and constant danger. In order to achieve this feel, the player is limited to a pistol at the beginning, and every kill adds to a custom kill counter HUD widget.

The level takes place on an abandoned, broken-down bay bridge connecting two sides of a city. The atmosphere receives its inspiration from the film, I Am Legend. The yellow fog and multitude of wrecked vehicles hides enemies in broad daylight.

Design Goals:

  • Create survival gameplay in a desolate, post-apocalyptic environment by limiting ammunition
  • Keep the player on his toes with isolated enemy encounters from various directions
  • Provide an ideal playspace for tactical maneuvers and improvisations

Mission Type: Single-player stand-alone

Play Time: ~8 minutes


  • Concept and documentation
  • Building the blockmesh
  • Gameplay scripting
  • Detailing
  • Cinematics
  • Lighting & FX

Development Time: 4 weeks (12 hrs/week)