Tom Chiu - Technical Designer/Level Designer / 901.857.6610
About Tom Chiu

Hey there, thanks for taking your time to get to know my work. My name is Tom Chiu, and I am a Technical Designer and a Level Designer living in the city of Austin, Texas. Like anyone who has been interested in making games, I have been curious about how games could reach out and entertain me. Particularly, I became fascinated by game worlds and their ability to immerse me. Having the power to immerse others as games have done for me became my passion.

To achieve my dream and also nurture my skills, I participated in the modding scene and delved into all aspects of game development from programming to 3d modeling. It all started with Rogue Spear in 1999. But as time went on and I realized that to be taken seriously, I must specialize in something, I developed an obsession for level design.

Ever since then, I have pushed myself to see how far I can take game design. Every time I create a level, I learn something new about gameplay or aesthetics that makes my next level better. I believe that if I keep asking myself the right questions, I will continue to improve in level design. I currently make kickass AAA shooters at Certain Affinity.


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